The holiday season is upon us! We welcome the festive lights, gatherings with family and friends and even a dusting of snow from time to time. Another welcome holiday tradition is taking a moment this season to thank your customers with thoughtful appreciation gifts. The end of the year, and the start of 2019, is a perfect time to acknowledge your clients with a small token of your gratitude. The thoughtful gesture can encourage continued customer loyalty and set your business up for a positive start in the new year. What’s great is that there are many thoughtful, customisable appreciation gifts that you can create that won’t break the bank. In this post, we share a few ideas for unique yet low-cost appreciation gifts to say thank you to your customers this season.

Button Badges: Spruce Up Your Client Holiday Cards

Button badges make the ultimate client appreciation gift, especially if you plan to give away your gifts to a large number of customers or if you’re working with a limited budget. Button badges are very low in cost and incredibly popular among a wide range of people. The badges come in all sorts of sizes and print options and people love to collect and wear them on clothing and accessories like hats, backpacks and other bags. As a bonus, this trend translates into extended visibility for your brand!

Button badges are also the perfect choice if you’re squeezed for time. You and your team are likely busy preparing for the end of the year, and if your holiday gift-giving deadline is quickly approaching, don’t fret! At Rocket Badge for example, we produce our button badges right here in the UK and can deliver them in a week if needed.

Do you work in the retail sector? Consider a button badge for a special holiday promotion. Some of our clients have had great success in giving away button badges when customers purchase a particular product or spend a certain amount of money. Or are you already planning to send holiday cards in the mail? Add something special this year and include a button badge with your holiday card. It will set your card apart from others, and, because button badges are relatively lightweight and flat, they hold up and ship very well in the mail.

If you’d prefer a more premium option, another excellent choice are our custom lapel badges. Holiday themed pin badges can easily become evergreen keep sakes, and will be brought out and worn year after year during the holiday season, giving your brand or company exposure year after year. The quality of our lapel pin badges is amazing, and if looked after they will last for many holiday seasons to come.

Keyrings: A Classy, Long-Lasting Token of Your Appreciation

When deciding on the best client appreciation gift this year, don’t forget to think about how the item can help promote your brand in the long term. Consider creating customised gifts that will extend the visibility of your brand long after the holiday season ends.

One great idea is a custom keyring. Keyrings are a great choice because they’re a practical and reusable gift. Or take it one step further, with a highly functional 12-Sided Trolley Coin Keyring. This will save your customers the hassle of searching for a pound coin – your clients will be reminded of how useful your company is and your brand will get seen time and time again.

There are countless ways to gift a special keyring this year. For example, some enterprising estate agents include a branded keyring with the keys they present to their clients. Another suggestion is to apply time parameters around your special gift or promotion. Retailers, for example, could include a handsome, artistic and collectable three-dimensional keying with orders that are placed before 31 December. The fleeting, limited-time nature of the promotion may help secure additional purchases before the end of the calendar year.

Magnets: Share a Motivational Message

At the end of the year, your clients might also appreciate a thoughtful motivational gift to start 2019 on a positive note. Magnets are a great choice for this! Part of your business is to know your customers well – magnets are the perfect canvas to craft a special message that will resonate with your target audience.

We encourage you and your team to get creative with your magnet. It can be a fun exercise to come up with something that your customers will want to see displayed at their home or office. Try injecting humour into your motivational message, or go with a tried-and-true holiday theme, like this adorable Santa-shaped magnet. As with button badges, fridge magnets are a particularly good choice if you intend to send your client appreciation gifts with a holiday greeting card. Magnets are flat and lightweight, making them easy and low-cost to deliver in the mail.

No matter what type of client appreciation gift you go with, consider adding customised packaging for that extra special holiday touch, such as branded backing cards, swing tags or a presentation box. As with button badges, keyrings and magnets, adding a backing card or other packaging can be a low-cost way to add some polish to your gifts while providing additional space for information about your brand or company.

Lastly, don’t forget about one of your key clients: your own employees! The holidays are a great time to say thank you to your staff with a special year-end gift. The gesture may help promote a positive company culture and make for a strong start in 2019. Any of the above items would make lovely gifts for your team at a cost that won’t set you back. We hope this post helps inspire thoughtful and cost-effective gift giving this holiday season. Please reach out at any time to get started on your perfect client appreciation gift!