As a company, all of us at Rocket Badge strive to do our part to protect the environment as best we can, and we continually work to reduce our impact on the planet. Whether it’s exploring new ways to offer our customers eco-friendly badge alternatives, reducing waste within our offices, or taking the steps to lower our carbon footprint, we’re always looking for ways to empower brands with powerful products, whilst minimising our impact on the planet. 

This past June, we were thrilled to partner with Earthly, a global movement led by experts and businesses in partnership with nature, to better understand our carbon impact and become a Climate Positive Company. To earn this meaningful accreditation, we worked with Earthly to calculate our business’s carbon impact and identify ways to remove at least more than 10% of this footprint by investing in nature-based projects. 

Today, we’re delighted to be taking the next step on our Climate Positive journey by earning Earthly’s Climate Positive Transport certification. To achieve this climate positive status, we have worked to offset 110% of our total carbon emissions from freighting our products (from our suppliers and manufacturers to our offices). We’re excited to reach this next milestone, as it’s an impressive addition to the efforts we’ve already undertaken to make our world a better place to live and work. 

Today, we’re proud to share a little more about how we reduced our transport-related carbon footprint.

Taking the Steps to Reduce our Transportation Carbon Emissions

At Rocket Badge, we’ve been supplying UK organisations with high-quality badges, keyrings, and custom-made products for more than 30 years. So, it’s no surprise that freighting is a crucial element of our business, but we’re also aware of the detrimental impact that transport-generated carbon emissions have on our planet. 

When it comes to the climate, we want to do what we can to mitigate our impact. So, we’ve removed the equivalent of 110% of the total CO2 emissions we generate in freighting goods. To do this, we partnered with Earthly to calculate our transport emissions for the last year. At Rocket Badge, our annual transport-based carbon emissions were equal to 294 tonnes across 1,628 shipments. 

To positively counteract these emissions, we’re investing more than the equivalency of these emissions back into nature-based projects. So, we’re offsetting 110% of our annual emissions, or 323 tonnes. We chose to invest in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project to help protect a highly endangered ecosystem. The project protects the carbon-rich peatland forest of Rimba Raya in the Indonesian portion of Borneo from being turned into palm oil estates, which would emit over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. So far, the project has reduced more than 3.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, protected the biodiversity of more than 120 threatened and endangered species, and provided more than 9,000 people with improved healthcare, the majority of whom are women.  

A Continuous, Evolving Journey to Sustainability 

While we’re thrilled to share our Climate Positive Transportation journey with you, we also know that reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing effort. At Rocket Badge, we’re fortunate enough to partner with leading organisations across the UK to provide them with amazing merchandise, and we’ll continue to strive to do so in a way that best protects our planet. 

Early next year, we’ll be publishing a responsibility report to further highlight the steps we’re taking to become a more sustainable business. We also have plans to make it easier for you – our customers – to make more sustainable choices by sharing the eco-credentials of our products on our website.

The road to sustainability is one that we need to take together, and we hope that you’ll join us on our journey. At Rocket Badge, we believe that everyone has a role to play to reduce the impact of climate change and eradicate environmental and social injustices. We’ll continue to use this space to share updates on our commitments, and welcome you to share your own efforts and feedback with us. We’re all on this Earth together – so let’s work together to protect it.