How It’s Made: Soft PVC Badges

// By Marilyn Noel - 23rd October 2019

Do you work with a youthful brand, perhaps a product or service aimed at children or young people, or with a company that features a playful cartoon character as your logo or mascot? When putting together your marketing and promotional plan,...

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5 Creative Ways to Promote a New Product Launch

All // By Marilyn Noel - 24th September 2019

The launch of a new product is an exciting moment for a brand. It caps the culmination of a lot of research, development and hard work. Unveiling your new product or service to the public should be an equally exciting celebration to engage your...

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How It’s Made: 3D Badges

All // By Marilyn Noel - 25th June 2019

Want a badge that really stands out? Get dimensional with it! 3D die cast badges are unique, customisable and high impact, especially if your goal is to raise the visibility of your product or service. With 3D badges, you’ll accomplish that goal,...

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How to Use Badges to Cultivate Learning in the Classroom

Education // By Marilyn Noel - 19th March 2019

As the weather gets warmer and students start counting down the days until the  summer school holiday, how will you keep their attention? One answer might be badges! Customised badges are a great tool to keep young learners engaged and focused....

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