As we turn the last calendar page of 2019 and sing our renditions of Auld Lang Syne, we’re excited about what the new year has in store! The new year is also a great time to celebrate and promote your business, as people are still in a celebratory and spending mode and there’s a refreshing spirit of renewal and trying new things. It’s a great moment to reach out to your customers, whether you’re promoting a product launch, unveiling a new brand or engaging potential clients. Well-designed bespoke merchandise can be a small, but powerful part of these early 2020 promotions; it will also help your campaign stand apart from all the other advertisements and campaigns around this time of year. In this post, we share three hot badges to keep in mind to add impact to your promotion without breaking the bank.

Button Badges

First up is the classic, popular button badge. People of all ages and interests enjoy button badges as a fashion accessory, conversation starter or collectible item. Button badges are also quite affordable, so they’re the perfect badge to tie into a promotional campaign like a tradeshow, in-store promotion or giveaway campaign. We offer a range of badges from cute and tiny (25 mm) to eye-catching and oversized (150 mm), in both circular or rectangular shapes, with a range of attachments like a brooch, butterfly clutch or magnet.

On top of all that, they’re one of our fastest-produced badges – you can get your button badges within just five days of art approval, so they’re also great for those impromptu, I-need-it-yesterday type of campaigns. Maybe you find that your product launch was moved up on the calendar, ahead of schedule. Or do you plan to make new hires in 2020? Welcome everyone and boost company morale with a special staff event in the new year. Button badges are a great addition for any of these urgent or unplanned campaigns. 

Button badges also make great retail products to add to your store in 2020. Just take a look at the clever, creative designs being sold on Etsy right now!

Printed Enamel Badges

There’s a reason printed enamel badges are one of our most popular badge types. These durable badges are made by printing your CMYK colour design directly onto enamel in any two-dimensional shape, resulting in a highly detailed, exact replica of your brand or message and total accuracy in reproduction. As with button badges, printed enamel badges are cost-effective, making them ideal additions to your product launch or promotional campaign.

Printed enamel badges can also be made with premium materials and special finishes, like shiny, misty, or antique finish for the perfect retail-ready badge for 2020. (If you do opt for the retail route for additional revenue, consider adding a special custom backing card or packaging to your badge.)

Recycled Keyrings/Badges

Why not kick off the new year with an eco-friendly alternative to meet the growing demand for sustainable products among consumers. It could even be a boon to your promotion – one survey suggests that nearly half of consumers would “definitely or probably” change their consumption habits to help reduce their impact on the environment. (And to put a monetary figure to that, the survey said that consumers spent almost £100 billion on sustainable goods in 2018!) 
We offer a range of eco-conscious products for your campaign, including a 100% recycled pin badge, trolley coin keyring or Eco-Slate keyring. All of these items are on the lower end of cost, so why not adopt effective 2020 promotional merchandise that is also good for the planet? For more ideas, please see this post on eco-friendly badges.

Image of Trolley Coin Keyring

No matter what you have planned for 2020, we hope your campaigns and promotions are a huge success! What are your goals and what other ideas do you have? These three badges are just the tip of the iceberg; we’ve got lots more cost-effective ideas for your consideration in the new year and beyond. Please get in touch with us today, and happy new year!