A peel for your banana. A reusable cup for your coffee. A durable container for your take away food. Packaging is an important consideration in so many facets of life and business. But packaging can also be quite creative and high-impact. Take, for example, this clever (and functional) packaging for a pair of Nike Air shoes from a German design agency – the bag features the Nike Air logo and is filled with what else, but air!

When it comes to packaging your custom enamel pin badges, there’s no shortage of creative options (beyond just air) to help you make your products stand out. In this post, we share five creative packaging ideas to inspire you to make your pin badges retail-ready, whether you plan to sell or gift them.

Five Ways to Package Pin Badges

1) Custom Backing Cards Complete a Story

One popular and effective way to package your enamel pin badge is with a custom backing card. A custom backing card is essentially a high-quality, durable paper card that can be created in any size, shape or design.

Here’s a great example from children’s book illustrator and maker Jannie Ho. She explains that her one-inch buttons didn’t leave her as much space as she would’ve liked, so she created matching backing cards to complete the full illustration. As Janni writes on her blog, “there is something so satisfying about designing the whole package.” We think the card is just as lovely as the badge itself, and helps the item stand out as a unique, ready-to-go gift. At Rocket Badge, we can help you create the whole package, too, to complete the story of your own badge, from super cats to robot attacks and everything in between!

Credit: Janni Ho

2) Greeting Cards for a Special Delivery

Looking to take your custom packaging to another level? Why not affix your badge to a greeting card. This packaging option does double duty by turning your custom badge into a special keepsake greeting for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just as a special way to brighten someone’s day. Here’s a cute “party cat” example from the Curious Pancake and Redback Cards. The party cat badge (shades and all) has a rubber backing; the 14cm x 14 cm card is printed in the UK and comes with a matching white envelope.

Credit: Redback Cards

Do you have a need to periodically send thank you cards to new or potential customers? Consider creating a small inventory of multi-purpose cards that feature a pin badge with your company logo. The card provides additional space for you to add your special message, such as how to get in touch with you, and they also make sending these items in the mail safer and easier.

3) Bag it Up

Selling a set of collectible badges? Consider a special retail bag to package all your items into one professional package. For example, these four “Adventure Badges” fit perfectly into this matching bag, which provides a bit more information on the company. In general, retail bags like this work really well with button badges, though you could use them for any small item or set.

Credit: thecabinsupplyco

4) Prestigious Presentation Boxes

Are you planning to present your enamel pin badge as a special gift? Perhaps for business development purposes with new clients or as a service award for a long-serving staff member? A custom presentation box exudes prestige and professionalism for these special occasion badges. You can place a single badge within a box, or, as with this vibrant example below, you can place an entire set of collectible badges in clever, specially designed presentation boxes.


5) Pair it Up

Last but not least, one more creative way to package your enamel pin badge is by pairing it with another complementary item. BrewDog, for example, paired a set of enamel pin badges with a little bottle opener. Think about what might appeal to customers in your own industry; this could be cufflinks, keyrings, medals or other functional items like writing utensils, tech equipment or clothing and accessories. We offer thousands of different products and we’d love to help you brainstorm the perfect pairing for your next campaign.

No matter how you put together your pin badges, one clear benefit of investing in good packaging is that it will help you ensure greater brand consistency. Cultivating a clear and consistent brand is an important part of marketing your product or service – it projects professionalism, establishes authenticity and builds trust. Custom packaging is also a perfect vehicle to form a deeper relationship with your customers by telling your complete story through your products and materials.

We hope this post inspires you to think about some of your different packaging options with your next order! Not only is it a surprisingly fun and creative part of the design process, it’s also a smart decision – adding a backing card can increase badge sales by up to 25 percent!

Please get in touch with us to talk through the most eye-catching displays and creative ways to present your pin badges.