More and more people are concerned about their impact on the planet. A Nielsen survey suggests that 81 percent of consumers around the globe say it’s “extremely or very important” for companies to have programs that aim to improve the environment. Further, 38 percent of consumers said they would pay above-average prices for items that are made with sustainable materials. So, it’s only logical for companies and brands to leverage this market potential and create sustainable products.

A great entry point is to create custom eco-friendly merchandise, such as recycled pin badges. In this post, we present a few eco-friendly badge options to keep in mind for your next “green” promotion.

Five Eco-Friendly Badges for your Next Campaign

100% Recycled Pin Badge

Do you intend to give away badges to promote your business as part of an upcoming campaign or contest? Look for lower-cost items that are high-impact but still within your budget for promotional merchandise. One popular product is our 100% Recycled Pin Badge, which is made right here in the UK from recycled plastic. Prices range from about £0.13 per badge and up, depending on the design and quantity. At that price, you could order a large inventory to keep on hand for multiple uses throughout the year.  

We think this pin badge is a great example of how vibrant and eye-catching eco-friendly products can be. It’s digitally printed up to full colour, and is available in eight standard colours or you can make it entirely your own with custom Pantone matched colouring, at no additional cost. Badges can be affixed with a safety pin, clip or other fittings and come in a range of sizes, including 25mm, 37mm, 45mm and 55mm.

Biodegradable Badges

These badges are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Our Biodegradable Badges are made from corn starch, sugar cane and castor oil! And because they’re made right here in the UK, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help support our local communities. Plus, we can design and create 100% sustainable packaging that not only has print room for your gorgeous branding, but also a blurb or graphic about these badge’s remarkable origins!

patagonia Biodegradable badge

100% Recycled Pop Badge

Do you offer a product suitable for children and their families? One suggestion for your next green promotion is a recycled pop badge, which is a pin-less, two-part badge that easily clips onto t-shirts, backpacks and other items. Because there’s no sharp fittings, pop badges are a great choice for campaigns geared toward schools, clubs or other family-friendly events. And you don’t have to sacrifice item for eco-friendly impact – we offer a customisable pop badge that is made in the UK from recycled plastic. It can be digitally printed in full colour, so you can create a fun, vibrant pop badge that will appeal to younger people and their parents.

100% Recycled Clip Badge

Another fun and child-friendly option is an eco-friendly clip badge that comes with a safety clip fitting for use by badge fans of all ages. Clip badges would make great giveaways for your next green promotion for customers at banks, retail stores and grocers as a special treat for customers who shop with their children in tow. (For health-conscious parents, it might also be a welcome alternative to lollies or other sweets that are sometimes given out.) We offer a great 37mm clip badge that is made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed in full colour.

Recycled Trolley Coin Keyring

Another great option is to pick something that is highly functional. A trolley coin keyring is a perfect choice, because they’re so useful for organizing sets of keys. We offer a trolley coin keyring that is made in the UK from 100 percent recycled plastic with a high-quality steel/nickel plated lobster style clip for durability. A trolley coin keyring will save your customers the hassle of searching for a pound coin – they’re sure to appreciate the item as much for its usefulness as for its eco-friendliness.

Given the growing demand for sustainable products among consumers, be sure to highlight that your products are eco-friendly in your green promotion. It could even be a boon to your reputation and business – the Nielsen survey suggests that nearly half of consumers would “definitely or probably” change their consumption habits to help reduce their impact on the environment. (And to put a monetary figure to that, the survey said that consumers spent $128.5 billion on sustainable goods in 2018!)

Lastly, for any eco-friendly item you go with, consider special packaging like backing cards, gift bags or presentation boxes to add a little special touch. For more, see this post for some creative packaging ideas for badges, buttons or any customised merchandise.

We hope this post gives you a few ideas for low-cost, high-impact eco-friendly badges for your next green promotion. Please get in touch with us to talk about the best choices for a successful green promotion and a healthier environment for us all!