Want a badge that really stands out? Get dimensional with it! 3D die cast badges are unique, customisable and high impact, especially if your goal is to raise the visibility of your product or service. With 3D badges, you’ll accomplish that goal, quite literally. 3D die cast badges are perfect for long service awards, promotions, product launches or as an addition to your retail line. While they have endless potential in your marketing or product toolkit, have you ever paused and wondered how exactly these special little badges are made? It’s quite an interesting process. In this post, we pull back the curtain on our production to show you how we turn your special designs into stunning three-dimensional badges.

Create your Unique Design

Step one in our 3D badge journey is all about you and your design. The wonderful thing about these die cast badges is that they’re all completely bespoke. They can be made in any shape or size you desire, even as an exact replica of an intricate company logo. Our free and in-house design team will go back and forth with you as much as you would like to craft the perfect design. So, if you don’t know what you want, or if you change your mind slightly or entirely along the way, that’s fine with us!

We’ve made some stunning 3D badges in abstract, graphic shapes; organic shapes like animals; spherical shapes like our favorite “cocoa bean” badge (below); or even jeweled badges for long service awards. Your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to shape and design.

Get it Stamped

Once you’re pleased with your design, we move into the casting and stamping process, in which your custom design is turned into a die cast mould. This is the mould that is used to stamp your design. So, when we say that every badge is unique and bespoke, we mean it. 3D badges are typically made from zinc alloy, which is poured into the pre-prepared moulds. And here’s where it gets fun – the filled moulds are then centrifugally spun, which forces the liquid into the mould cavity.

Pick Your Finish

After your design is stamped, we turn to the finish and any other enhancements you would like to add to give your badge a truly unique look. Popular plating options include shiny finishes, misty finishes and antique finishes, each available in a range of options including gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass or even black nickel. No plating is an option as well, which will lend your badge a natural look in plain aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Lastly, your 3D badge can also be embellished with spray painting or enamel filling. For more, please see this earlier post on selecting the right finish for your badge.

The Perfect Packaging

A final and recommended step is packaging. To complete the look and feel of your stunning new 3D badge, we can add custom packaging options to your order, including cards, bags or boxes. Many of the die cast badges we create are used as recognition or long service awards – a custom velvet or leatherette presentation box would be an ideal addition to lend professionalism and prestige to the special award.

Or perhaps you’re planning to sell your 3D badges online or in retail locations for a bit of additional revenue (Smart idea! Here’s a few strategies you might consider). In this case, we can create a slick, professional custom backing card. As with your 3D badge, the backing card is entirely bespoke. You can design the front and the back and even include key features like bar codes for easy retail check-out, price tags, inventory information or even a clever hashtag.


I hope this post sheds some light on the interesting process behind our 3D badges. For more, check out this video featuring myself and my colleague Diana Oliveira. We show you the great “cocoa bean” 3D badge and a Harry Potter backing card with a barcode, like the example above.  We mean what we say at the end of the video; Diana and I are eagerly awaiting your call (or your email or your pop-in) and your questions about 3D die cast badges or any promotional merchandise!