Do you work with a youthful brand, perhaps a product or service aimed at children or young people, or with a company that features a playful cartoon character as your logo or mascot? When putting together your marketing and promotional plan, you’ll likely seek materials and strategies that share a touch of youth, whimsy and creativity. 

Look no farther than highly versatile, soft PVC rubber badges, like this Harry Potter-inspired badge we created for a client. These bright and tactile badges are the perfect canvas for your next campaign. But have you ever wondered how they’re actually made and what the process will be like for you? Here, we share a quick behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making these cheerful badges.

Create a Unique Design 

Simply put, soft PVC badges are fun! Also referred to as rubber badges, these can be made in any shape, colour or size so they’re an ideal choice to get your recipients to really engaged with your brand. PVC is a soft, pliable thermoplastic material that can be melted and moulded into any shape that you wish. We’ll work with your unique design to mould your badge using different colours of layered PVC to create a three-dimensional effect that’s ideal for cartoon characters, logos and slogans. 

Even if you have no idea what you want your badge to be, our expert design team will work with you every step of the way to put together the perfect badge from scratch. 

Along the way, you’ll also get to decide on your ideal badge backing, including an adhesive, a butterfly clutch, magnet or brooch pin. 

Perfectly Present your Badge

Adding a backing card to your PVC badge adds not just a little prestige, but also extra space for your marketing information, such as your website or contact information. And, as we say in our video, it really does add that “extra niceness” that goes a long way with clients and customers. 

We can create a fully custom front and back to your card, with or without barcodes for easy retail opportunities or tracking purposes. We can also create stunning custom boxes, which are especially great if you plan to create a badge collection around any sort of theme or campaign. Our beautiful boxes come in a variety of materials, including cardboard, leather, plastic and even velvet. This is an especially important consideration if you plan to sell your badges; adding a backing card can increase product sales 25 percent! For more, please see this previous post we did on 5 Creative Ways to Package your Badges.

Hassle-Free Proofs and Production 

As I mentioned above, due to their incredibly custom and careful design, PVC badges tend to have a lead time of about three to four weeks. If you have enough time, I recommend requesting a physical sample so you can check out the look and feel of your design in person – and for added peace of mind that your badge will be created just as you imagined it. If you need it sooner, no problem. We’ll send a high-quality photo proof for your approval before we move into the manufacturing process.

I hope this post helps shed some light on what I think is a surprisingly fascinating world of soft PVC badges. I love helping our clients put together the perfect designs for these bright, tactile and versatile items. For years, they’ve been a great choice for brands large and small, especially for logos, slogans, cartoon characters and unique name badges.

For more, please check out this video of my colleague Diana and I talking a bit more about the process and showcasing some of our favorite pieces. I hope you’re as excited as we are!