3 Reasons to Bring Band Badges on your Next Tour

Arts & Music // By Diana Oliveira - 30th October 2018

When done right, band merchandise can be just as creative as the music itself! In a previous post, we highlighted seven creative band merchandise ideas that we think really rock, from pins to patches to guitar pics and straps. At the same time,...

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How to Make Enamel Pins: The Essential Guide to Getting Started

All // By Diana Oliveira - 15th August 2018

Enamel pin badges are having a comeback moment! We’re seeing them everywhere as creators and companies alike are wondering how to make enamel pins themselves and use them to promote their designs and generate new profit. From illustrators to...

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7 Creative Band Merchandise Ideas that Rock!

Arts & Music // By Diana Oliveira - 31st July 2018

Bands are big business! In addition to performing and touring, another way to get your band name out there is with some really cool band merchandise ideas. Selling band merchandise at your shows or in your online shop helps you build your brand as a...

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How to Design a Great Enamel Badge – 3 Ways to Bring your Design to Life

All // By Diana Oliveira - 23rd May 2018

Are you looking to design an enamel badge? No matter your level of design skill or your experience with promotional merchandise, we are here to help you design a great enamel badge. Perhaps you have just a loose idea for a badge design, or maybe you...

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