When done right, band merchandise can be just as creative as the music itself! In a previous post, we highlighted seven creative band merchandise ideas that we think really rock, from pins to patches to guitar pics and straps.

At the same time, the popularity of band merchandise has never been greater. One source reports that the UK spent more than £1.2 bn on recorded music last year, nearly a 10 percent increase on the previous year, mostly due to streaming subscriptions. Band merchandise is a great way to raise additional revenue for your band and to physically connect with your fans in this ever increasingly digital market.

In this post, we’ll hone in on one of the most popular merchandise items: the band badge! These great little items have become a mainstay at merchandise tables across the UK, and for good reason. We’ll divulge the top three reasons to consider bringing band badges on your next tour. Read on and rock on!

Band badges are popular!

No matter what type of music you make or listen to, one thing remains consistent: music fans love band badges. Band badges have been popular for decades and are the perfect one-size-fits-all answer to music merchandise, for every kind of fanbase. Here’s a great example of a badge we recently made for Bring Me the Horizon.

People of all ages and demographics covet band badges and proudly display them on hats, backpacks and jackets. It’s a great way for music fans to show their love for your band, and helps to get you noticed by other music fans. And, as a bonus, limited-edition badges will help your fans feel like they’re part of a special community with your group. Outside of the merch table, you could offer a band badge as a gift for people who join an “official fan club” or sell them online for people who love your music but can’t make it to your next show.

Band badges are affordable!

Band badges can also help drive a little revenue to offset some of your tour and equipment costs. Badges typically have a low price point at your merchandise table so they may appeal to people that wish to purchase a souvenir from the show but don’t want to splurge on a higher ticket item. At Rocket Badge, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your badges are produced at a low cost to produce a better profit margin for you. Enamel pins, like this one, are budget-friendly yet stand the test of time, making them the perfect option for reasonably priced merchandise.

f you tend to sell a lot of merchandise at your shows, you could also consider band badges as a bonus gift for people who purchase higher-priced items. Or offer a deal like a free band badge for anyone who buys two or more CDs or records. It’s a great way to establish some loyalty with your fans, and will also help get the name of your band out there.

Band badges are classic!

Last but not least: Band badges are simply classic and highly collectable, especially if the badge is tied to a particular tour or album release. The quirkier the badge, the better. A unique pin can quickly become a vintage must-have, we don’t think it will be long ‘till fans are trawling the internet to buy Tom Rosenthal’s juicy watermelon badge.

Here’s a fun test – look up “vintage band badges” online – you’ll find all sorts of collectable items for sale on Etsy, Ebay and other sites from bands like Journey and the Ramones. Band badges really don’t ever go out of style and, when made by a high-quality manufacturer, they last a lifetime! (For more, see this previous post we did on three questions to ask your badge manufacturer.)

Ready to make a band badge? Awesome! At Rocket Badge, we’re not just music lovers but expert designers too. We’ll help you put together a perfect badge that truly represents the sound and feel of your music. Have other ideas for merch for your fans? Chances are, we can make it for you. We know it’s all about the music, but the right merchandise can offset some of your tour costs, which will help you do what matters most: make great music and get it in front of your fans. Get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you!