Bands are big business! In addition to performing and touring, another way to get your band name out there is with some really cool band merchandise ideas. Selling band merchandise at your shows or in your online shop helps you build your brand as a musician and artist, which is an important component in a competitive music industry. Your fans want to feel like they’re a part of your music – merchandise is a great way to help them achieve this. And last but not least, selling merch will also help you raise a little extra money for your group.

Today, you have so many merchandise options beyond the classic band stickers and t-shirts.  No matter the type of music you make or the size of your crowds, you can draw inspiration from your own artistic creativity to design some really cool, one-of-a-kind merchandise, like patches, guitar picks and even band koozies. In this post, we share seven creative band merchandise ideas to help you stock your merch table for the next gig. Read on and rock on!

Enamel Pins: Build a Band Community

You want your fans to feel like they’re a part of a special community with your band. Custom enamel pins and badges give them something they can proudly sport on their jackets, backpack or hat that says to others, I’m a fan, are you? This kind of constant wear can get your brand great exposure, especially if your enamel pins are designed in a creative and unique way, which will cause people who see them to ask about them wanting to know more. A lot of music fans collect small souvenirs from shows they attend and have entire sets of pins and badges. Beyond the merch table, you can also leverage customised pins for other promotions or campaigns. For example, one creative idea is to offer the pin as a gift for joining an “official fan club” that helps you better connect with and make your fans feel special. Finally, enamel pins are small, durable and low-cost, which makes them a perfect addition for your travelling merch table.

Band merchandise pins

Credit: Bring Me the Horizon

Band Patches: Bold, Eye-Catching Designs

Embroidered band patches are another trendy, low-cost option for your fans to show their support. Position your patches as a way for people to add some cool “band flair” to their look by sewing or ironing them onto clothing and textiles like jackets and backpacks. Be bold with your design, too. At Rocket Badge, we create stunning patches in nearly every size, shape and colour. Perhaps you don’t yet have an established band “logo” or color scheme. No problem! This is where our design team shines. Our award-winning team of in-house designers will expertly craft the perfect patch to embody the look and feel (and sound) of your band. As with band pins, these items are long-lasting and light weight, perfect for your next merch table.

Guitar Pics: A Fun yet Functional Freebie

Chances are, a lot of your fans are musicians themselves, or aspire to be. Speak to their interest with branded guitar pics featuring your band. Customised guitar picks are incredibly low-cost and can be ordered in bulk, making them a perfect freebie item for shows (we suggest throwing them to fans in the audience!) or a low-cost option for stocking your merch table.

Band Koozies: Help your Fans Enjoy a Cool Beverage

Do you have some outdoor gigs lined up this summer? Lucky you! Let your fans kick back, take in your music and enjoy a cold one with a neoprene can cooler, or koozie. Today, customisable koozies come in a fun range of options – some are shaped like little t-shirts, some are designed for use with bottles and some have zippers. There are even koozies to keep wine or champagne bottles chilled for your classy fans or sophisticated performances. Your band fans will appreciate merchandise that they can use over and over at other picnics, concerts and festivals.

Keyrings: A Best-Seller at Every Gig

Keyrings are a constant best-seller at merch stands, and for good reason. They’re popular, affordable and handy. Let your fans show their support everywhere they go with a custom band keyring. Our designers will work with you to create a custom shape or design to capture the look of your band and really make your keyring stand apart from the rest. We even offer keyrings that function as bottle openers and ones that are shaped like little guitars or other musical instruments. Pick this proven winner for your next merch table.

Band merchandise keyring

Credit: Bring Me the Horizon

Guitar Straps: Appeal to the Musicians

Chances are, a lot of your fans are musicians, too. Appeal to their artistry with a branded guitar strap that they can use on their own instrument. We offer a bespoke guitar strap that can be screen printed on either or both sides in a complete range spot or full colours. It’s ideal for all guitar styles, including acoustic, electric and bass so you can help your fans idealise your band brand when they play their own music. Pick this higher-ticket item to round out the range of options on your next merch table.

Phone Case: A Sure-Fire Option

The last idea for your band merchandise is a sure-fire one. Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and people use creative cases to protect and personalise their devices. A band-themed phone case is a great choice for your next merch table. Phones are in constant sight, whether someone is walking and talking on it or placing it on a table at a restaurant. Why not offer your fans a special phone case with a striking photo of your band? They’ll love to advertise their cool musical tastes with a new phone case. Add your band name or logo to the design to help introduce your group to new people who might not know your music. To reach the most people, you can also order a range of sizes to fit the most popular phone types.


The right band merchandise ideas can help you build community among your fans, make a little extra money for your group and boost your band brand. We hope these seven ideas provided a little inspiration to enhance your next show, but this is also just the tip of the iceberg. Have other ideas for merchandise that you know your fans would love? We can probably make it for you.  No matter the product, we make it simple, easy and affordable so you can focus on what matters most: your music!