Badge Buyer’s Checklist

Badge Buyer’s Checklist

Before choosing a supplier, check their credentials:

Badge Buyer’s Checklist

ISO9001 quality accreditation?

Badge Buyer’s Checklist

Ethical manufacturing accreditations?

Badge Buyer’s Checklist

Anti-slavery and child labour policies?

Badge Buyer’s Checklist

Climate positive accreditation?

High-Quality Budget-Friendly Custom Enamel Badges

  • Skyscanner logo custom enamel badge
  • Ice cream shaped custom braded enamel badge for Ben & Jerry's
  • Black lion illustration on gold badge for Lion King
  • Commmerative oval enamel badge for a Co-operative
  • Rectangle
  • Round custom enamel badge with abstract colourful design
  • blue round custom enamel badge for Hookpod who reduce fishing environmental damage
  • Flying flag effect chequered custom badge with logo
  • Custom badge for Exemplar
  • Bumblebee illustration custom enamel badge in red and white
  • 3D look multi-coloured custom enamel badge with building blocks illustration for UK Government Organisation - Data Science Campus
  • Circular design enamel badge for London micro brewery - Camden Town Brewery
  • Exclamation mark in black with yellow highlight custom enamel badge
  • Liquor bottle shaped custom enamel badge for Amaro Montenegro
  • Custom enamle badge with Irish organisation coat of arms
  • Twin flags custom lapel pin with UK and United States of America flags
  • Round black custom enamel badge with white illustrations for Krusty brand fan merchandise
  • Two custom llustrated enamel badges on brown branded backing card for Brewdog
  • Set of three custom enamel badges on pink rectangle backing card for Swedish online financial services company - Klarna
  • Black and gold rounded square commemerative badge for UK apprenticeships
  • Round turquoise and blue custom enamel badge for recording artist
  • School emblem multi coloured custom enamel badge
  • Badge created for FC heart of England with heart shapes and English flag on backing card
  • Pink font custom enamel badge for Uk cheerleading event provider
  • Rectangle custom enamel badge for security industry authority - SIA
  • Light blue round enamel badge for #Live Love Learn
  • Square red and silver custom enamel commemerative badge for London University - King's College London
  • Orange lobster illustration custom enalmel badge
  • Custom enamel badge with green illustration for an International dietary solutions company
  • custom enamel pin badge for Harry Potter with red background
  • cheesy pizza slice illustration custom enamel badge

3-4 weeks from the art approval.

Custom stamped to any 2D shape

We want to give you a reliably accurate price for your one-of-a-kind badge with all of its unique variables. For an indication of pricing, here’s a collection of some recent badges we’ve made and their costs.

Carbon positive freight: We'll offset 110% of the emissions caused by shipping your order! Find out more.


These promotional quality, metal enamel badges are one of our most popular badges. Cost-effective and highly durable, enamel badges are ideal for a wide-range of uses, and their quality and finish make them suitable for special occasions, including:

  • Clubs and associations
  • Recognition awards
  • Service awards
  • Corporate lapel badges

We can even help you design a bespoke presentation box to add a touch of luxury to your custom badges.

How your Bespoke Badges are Made

Our custom enamel badges are stamped into long-lasting copper or brass. They can also be plated in nickel (silver), gilt (gold), or black nickel for a more sophisticated finish, or choose from a variety of other plating options available.

Once your design is stamped, it’s finished with precisely coloured cold enamel and then hand-polished to give it a luxurious lustre, which creates a high-perceived value for recipients. A cost-effective option with high-perceived value, enamel badges are perfect for large scale promotions where both quality and cost are key factors.

Need Help with Design?

We can help! Our team of expert, in-house designers can help you come up with the perfect design for your campaign – free of charge! We’ll work with you throughout the entire process, from initial concepts to choosing the right plating, fitting and even packaging options to ensure your badges stand out from the crowd!

Please note: Though our enamel badges are not suitable for CMYK/4-colour process designs, we can print your badge in full colour. Please visit our offset printed badges page for more details.

How to Get More Information Or a Quote

For more information about our custom enamel badges or for help choosing the perfect badge for your needs and budget, fill out the quick quote form on this page and we’ll get back to you within two hours (between 9am – 6pm London time). We look forward to speaking with you!

Badges customisation options


For more information about our custom enamel badges or for help choosing the perfect badge for your needs and budget, fill out the quick quote form on this page and we’ll get back to you within two hours (between 9am – 6pm London time). We look forward to speaking with you!

Our budget-friendly enamel badges are made using soft enamel. Soft enamel badges make use of raised lines and recessed enamel, giving them raised ridges that feel bumpy to the touch. They can be stamped into either copper or brass and plated in nickel, gilt or black nickel. Despite their name, they're still hard to the touch and lend a polished look to any campaign.

Soft enamel badges have two options for the enamel finish: either with an epoxy resin coating or without one. Adding an epoxy coating gives the badge a smooth finish, while omitting it results in raised edges and recessed enamel.

When it comes to packaging - the sky's the limit! We can help you come up with custom packaging ideas to add extra value to your badges. Our most options include backing cards and presentation boxes.

Custom Enamel Badges for Your Brand

Capture Your Brand in Enamel

Custom enamel badges are superior to your everyday badge and are valued in society as an item of significance – something that warrants attention. With such intricate detailing and a luxurious feel, they can be considered miniature works of art, adding a sense of polish to any marketing campaign. In addition to promoting brands and products, these high-quality badges are ideal as tokens of achievement, membership badges, or corporate identification badges.

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Bespoke Enamel Badges Made for You

Custom enamel pin badges begin with a meticulous design where every detail is considered. This design is then converted into a metal die, which stamps the badge into brass or copper. Cold enamel is then fused to this metal, before the badge is hand polished for a glossy finish. This lengthy production process results in a premium badge that transcends everyday promotional badges.

Enamel Badges with Ethics

At Rocket Badges, we take ethical trading seriously. We work hard to ensure the rights of everyone involved in the process are protected, while taking measured steps to reduce our impact on the planet by using sustainable production practices and materials.

You’re in Great Hands

We have been in the badge business for more than 30 years and have produced millions of promotional enamel badges. In fact, every year we create more than 4.7 million custom badges of all types for organizations around the country.

Enjoy Free Design

Settling on the right design for your custom enamel badges is a big deal – after all, these badges are likely to be used for decades. To help you make great choices, our experienced team of designers are ready to assist you. From the initial design to packaging options, we can help with every detail.

Trusted By Top Brands

With more than 30 years in the industry, we have developed badges of all kinds for top brands in the UK – enamel pin badges custom made to promote everything from the launch of a new brand to service recognition.

Ready to Get Started?

Producing bespoke enamel badges is a time-consuming process and can take up to four weeks from artwork approval. This means there’s no time like the present to put the wheels in motion – give our expert team a call today or fill in a simple quote request form to get started.

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Bespoke Badges You'll Love

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We make it easy to get high quality, bespoke badges at competitive prices. Our team of account managers have been supplying custom badges and keyrings to the UK's best brands for at least 10 years, so they know how to help you produce a badge that you'll love! On top of that, you'll never have to worry about getting your badges in time, thanks to our on-time guarantee