While it’s always best to plan ahead for a campaign, we all sometimes leave things to the last minute. Or, often, we identify a previously unplanned opportunity to launch a campaign or host an event and have limited time to pull it off. We get it! And you’re not alone. We’ve worked with many clients to pull off some fabulous last-moment merchandise that resulted in successful campaigns of all sorts and sizes. In this post, we share a few of our most popular last-minute badge options.

Best Badges for Last-Minute Campaigns

Do you have just five days? Go for button badges!

Button badges are a great choice! They’re low in cost, customisable and incredibly popular among customers of all ages. On top of all that, they’re one of our fastest-produced badges – you can get your badges within just five days of art approval!

Here are a few promotions for which you might consider a button badge:

  • A product launch was moved up on the calendar, ahead of schedule.
  • You find budget to promote or sponsor a fast approaching event in your area, like a film release, sporting event or concert.
  • Your team decides to launch a last-minute campaign to meet a quarterly sales goal.
  • Your company wins a special award and you want to celebrate the achievement with your staff and customers.
  • Perhaps you’ve hired several new team members and you want to welcome everyone and boost company morale.

We can help you pull off the perfect badge for all of these seemingly “too-late-to-do-anything” scenarios, and so much more. We’ll work with you on your design, free of charge, and help you pick the best size, shape and fitting, including pin fittings, child-safe fittings and magnets. One of the first things we’ll ask you is your budget and your timeframe, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the perfect product at the right price in plenty of time for your fast-approaching campaign.

Tip: If you’re reading this after business hours, don’t worry about losing a precious day of production time! Simply fill out this quick quote form and we’ll get back to you within two hours between 9 AM and 6 PM, London time.

Do you have one week? Seek our super-fast metal badges.

We call these metal badges “super-fast” for a reason. These high-quality, custom metal badges can be turned around in just seven days after approval of your design!

What might a super-fast metal badge be good for?

  • Did your manager ask you to launch and run a campaign that you had not planned for?
  • Do you need an item that is high-quality, durable or that can be given as a special award or gift?
  • Do you want to supplement an existing campaign or fundraiser with a special keepsake item?
  • Perhaps you ran out of inventory on another promotional product and you need something quick!

If you find yourself in any of these situations, consider reaching out to us for free and rapid design. We can get you your final product within five to seven working days from the time we agree on your design and artwork. What sets these badges apart from a button badge is their durability – we make our super-fast metal badges from aluminum with a variety of finishes, including shiny, misty and antique finishes. They’re also an ideal canvas for an accurate reproduction of even the most detailed logo or message, including photography!

Do you have two weeks AND need a name badge?

Do you need a name badge, specifically? Perhaps you’ve hired a new team or are planning a last-minute pop up shop that requires staff or volunteer identification. We’ve got you covered! Our name badges are functional and fast – we can create a unique design and manufacture and deliver your badges in about two weeks.

We can help you create a name badge as unique as your brand, complete with exact replica of your corporate graphic, name and logo, either engraved or screen-printed with Pantone colours. Remember, the theme here is that you don’t need to sacrifice quality and creativity for precious time!

With all of these options, keep packaging in mind. Even with limited time, we can help you put together matching backing cards or presentation boxes that will add polish and prestige to all of these badges. In fact, the right packaging will ensure that no one will ever know how last-minute your badge was.

Please get in touch with us today to get started right away! We have you covered.