In mid-size or large breweries, badges might be used to identify the names and titles of brewery employees. This can help personalise the brewery workplace and support productivity and efficiency. But did you know that custom badges and other promotional merchandise can also help breweries of all sizes engage customers and promote their offerings?

It’s a proven fact that consumers already love other beer merchandise like caps, t-shirts and beer glasses – badges are another great tool to help breweries build awareness of their products and stand out in an increasingly competitive market, especially for beer drinkers who may wish to show their brewery allegiances in a more subtle or trendy way. An article in the Guardian reports that the number of breweries in the UK topped 2,000 this year! To stand out, you really need to be utilising all the tools you have available to you. In this post, we share some creative ways that breweries can use badges, from forging customer loyalty and turning beer drinkers into brand ambassadors, to announcing new offerings.

From Beer Drinker to Brand Ambassador

People love beer! That’s a great thing for the growing brewery business. Breweries can tap into this trend and use customised badges to engage customers and turn beer drinkers into brand ambassadors. Design a custom badge with the brewery logo and give these away to customers for free or sell them alongside other merchandise. Try creating a “beer club” of sorts with membership benefits like special events, early release tastings, and exclusive merchandise, like members-only badges. Or, beer club members could accrue points with every brewery purchase and trade these in for special levels of badges. When happy customers wear these brewery-branded badges out and about, they become walking, talking ambassadors for the brewery and its beer offerings.

Promote the Latest Brew

At breweries, beer offerings are not only very carefully crafted, they are also very specially named and branded. Every beer offering helps tell the story of the brewery, including its founders, its place in the industry, and its vision. Breweries put a lot of work into these important selections, and customised badges can be part of an effective campaign to promote the new beer.

When a new beer is released, have all staff wear badges featuring the latest product. These badges could also be given away to customers who order the beer. And breweries don’t have to wait for a new beer release to get the same benefit. Create a clever badge for a favorite, classic beer. Trying to increase sales of a particular beer offering? Focused marketing through badges can help pique interest among curious customers and move more product. Beer festivals and events like Oktoberfest are very popular and brew pubs, breweries, and beer distributors can capitalise on these gatherings to promote brands and beer products with customised souvenir badges. Another creative idea is to create an entire series of beer badges that match all the tap handles in the brewery.

Tap into the Local Community

Badges also can be used as part of a community initiative. Is the brewery collaborating with a particular restaurant or artist on a beer offering? Promote this with an artistically designed keepsake badge! Savvy customers may even want to start collecting all these special beer badges.

You brew your beer with the utmost care and quality; trust the experts at Rocket Badge to do the same with your promotional products. Need some promotional ideas or looking to promote your brewery? Get in touch with us to talk beer badges or other merchandise. Here’s to your brewery standing head and shoulders above all the others out there in the UK. Cheers!