How can your brand stand out in the travel industry? After all, travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest sectors. One surefire way to promote your brand and service is through an array of practical, yet elegant promotional products, like trolley key rings, re-usable bags and tie pins or cufflinks. Rocket Badge can help you create products that are easy to travel with, useful and that go anywhere! Below, we share a few creative ways to promote your brands with these high-quality products.

Trolley Keyrings: Get Seen Time and Time Again

A trolley keyring or one of our other custom made key ring styles is a great way for your brand to be seen daily by a wide range of commuters and shoppers. Customers love these products because they’re so handy – regular keyrings mean your brand will get seen every time someone hangs up or picks up their keys, and our trolley keyrings save them the time of searching for a £1 coin every time they visit a shop. This means that customers will actually use your branded merchandise, and you’ll be consistently helping them out! They’ll be reminded of just how useful and valuable your company is every time they are on the go, and the principle of reciprocity will be invoked, meaning that next time they need your product or service they will only think of you, not one of your competitors, no matter how much advertising they do.

Right now, customising a 12-sided keyring for the new £1 coin can help you get ahead of the queue and stay in front of your competitors. If you’ve gifted these keyrings in the past, now is a great time to update your keyring for the new £1 coin. At Rocket Badge, we create high-quality, nickel-plated trolley coin keyrings that feature your logo or design on soft enamel, which can be infilled with up to four colors. The keyring features an easy-to-use trigger clip fitting, which customers will appreciate.

Re-Usable Bags are Stylish and Environmentally Friendly

Re-usable bags are becoming the norm for day-to-day use. We have a large selection of stock bags that are available in multiple colors and ready to be branded to promote your business, today! Customers will carry your brand with them while shopping at the grocery store, running errands and travelling.

One creative idea is to tie the intended bag use to a specific promotion or season. Consider a beach bag for your hotel or cruise business, a business case or laptop bag for a corporate gathering, a drawstring or sports bags for an athletic event, or a timeless, classic travel and trolley bag for the frequent traveler. You can also create something utterly unique for the perfect promotional bag, from the colour to the material to the design.

Another creative idea is to use bags to connect with the millennial consumer segment. Travel is a top priority for this generation, and they’ll value an attractive, re-usable and environmentally-friendly bag. Millennials will also appreciate that you selected Rocket Badge products, which are ethically manufactured by a socially responsible company.

Tie Pins or Cufflinks for Elegant Giftsets

Bespoke tie pins or cufflinks are a classy way to add real prestige to your brand. Especially if your company is in the luxury travel business, corporate tie pins and cufflinks are an essential accessory for formal or business attire.

One thoughtful idea is to create a VIP gift set that combines a custom tie pin or cufflinks with a branded gift box. Use these valuable gifts to reward your best customers or reach new ones, or sell them as a retail item at a special event. We know from other clients that your gifts will stand apart because of their craftsmanship and practicality and they will be used for years to come. We’ll turn your logo into a beautiful piece of custom jewelry, and work with you from start to finish to ensure an easy process and the highest possible standards.

Create your Own Custom Travel Swag

At the end of the day, you know your audience best. One of the great things about bespoke products is just that – they’re bespoke! From lip balm, sunglasses and towels to lanyards, customised bags and branded socks – we can create whatever you dream up! Simply reach out to us, and we’ll help you come up with the perfect branded gift for your customers or prospectives.

Presentation and best-in-class service is a critical component of your industry – it is in ours, too. You can rest assured that we’ll deliver the highest quality products. Promote your brand with unique gifts that are easy to travel with, useful, and that go anywhere, just like your business!

If you’d like more information about travel-friendly promotional products you can use to advertise your brand, give one of our friendly local experts a call on 0333 7000 132 or get in touch via our contact form. We can’t wait to put our many years of merchandising experience to work for you.