Tourism is one of the world’s largest sectors and people love travelling. One surefire way to promote your product or service is to give travelers a way to bring your brand home with them, after a trip. With the right branded merchandise, your product or message will stay on the mind of your customers, long after they’ve enjoyed their holiday. Branded holiday items are not only functional, they’re also very creative; there are countless opportunities to get your logo and message on all sorts of items, from souvenir badges to beach towels. In this post, we share a few creative ways to promote your company or product through holiday-branded items, whether you are in the travel industry or not.

Souvenir Badges are Little Collectible Memories

Here’s a creative idea: Create a set of custom, collectible badges that travelers can purchase, pin on their travel bags and take home with them to remember their trip by! For example, a cruise line might offer a customised pin featuring the name or image of the cruise ship, and sell these in the ship’s souvenir shop. 3D and enamel badges are perfect options for this type of badge, and we can even create customised presentation boxes to add a touch a luxury. The same idea could apply to other products, like keyrings, cufflinks or tie pins.

This strategy would also work great for popular restaurants, local points of interest and hotels. If your brand exists in numerous countries, there are also opportunities to incorporate country flags into a series of bespoke badges or pins. As a bonus for your travelling customer, these items are all lightweight and easy to pack; you can also market them as souvenirs for your customers to purchase and share with friends and family back home.

You Can’t Brand the Sand, But You Can Do the Next Best Thing!

Beach holidays are a favourite for tourists and travelers, year after year. Tap into this popularity by placing your logo on beach items, like beach towels or sunglasses. Travelers can use these items while on holiday or take them home with them and use them well into the future. To get these creative items into the hands of your customers, sell them in souvenir shops or give them as gifts to your VIP customers or clients. If you gift these items, consider also providing a way for your customers to buy an additional quantity online; they might love them that much!

Another creative idea is to add your brand to beach bags, tote bags or travel/trolley bags. These highly useful and eco-friendly bags could be a great as a way to connect with the millennial consumer segment. Travel is a top priority for this generation, and they might value an attractive, re-usable and environmentally-friendly bag.

Travel-Size Takeaways

Who doesn’t love (and covet) travel-size items! Instead of your customers saving standard hotel items like bar soap, gift special branded merchandise like lip balms or travel-sized toiletries. Many people use or display these toiletries at home, share them with others or save them for future trips, which ensures that your brand and message will be seen often. Another creative idea is to put your logo on a toiletry bag and include your company information or other small gifts inside the special branded bag.

As your customers start to think about their 2018 travel plans, now is the perfect time to add branded merchandise to your marketing and business development activities. Promote your brand with unique gifts that are easy to travel with, useful and that go anywhere, just like your business! From beach towels to travel-size toiletries, there are countless opportunities to get your brand in the hands of satisfied travelers, during and long after their holiday ends.

Get in touch with us today to talk about how we can help you tap into the tremendous holiday opportunity through creatively branded travel merchandise.