Schools and universities can leverage basic pin badges in many ways – from fundraising and promotion to fostering school spirit among faculty and students. Special pin badges also make great gifts for donors and long-serving educators. In this post, we share five creative and compelling ways that your school or university can put pin badges to work today to meet your important goals.

Raise A Little Extra Money

Merchandise is a proven way to generate additional revenue for your school or university. Many schools sell branded merchandise on-site at gift shops; others sell these items online via digital stores or school websites. As an example, pin badges are a perfect embellishment for school uniforms. Pin badges can be branded with your school’s identity and sold as a way for students to add some personal flair and style to their uniform or backpack. To reach a greater audience, consider designing and positioning merchandise for sale to school clubs and sports groups. See this Pin to Profit blog post for more.

Lapel pin badges, in particular, make a perfect graduation keepsake that can be sold as gifts for both students and their proud parents. For this special use, we suggest a high-quality, durable design, like our sandblasted or precious metal badges, which offer stunning textural effects and that can be plated in polished gilt or nickel.

A Job Well Done! Motivate and Reward Students

Schools and universities across the UK use fun and inspiring pin badges to motivate students of all ages (even adults!). For example, you could create special pin badges for participation in school activities or create badges for members of a sports team or club. Academic badges are a great way to reward students for hard work in a particular subject. For more ideas on motivating your students, check out one of our recent blog posts, A Fun and Inspiring Way to Tell your Students, ‘Job Well Done!’.

Thank You, Donors

Pin badges are a great way to recognise alumni that give back to their school or university as well as individual, corporate or foundation donors. We can work with you to design premium-quality, polished lapel pin badges as a keepsake thank you gift. In your subsequent communications with your donors, ask them to wear the pin badges at school events or fundraisers to encourage others to donate.

How will you deliver or present the gifts to your donors? Adding a backing card is a nice way to package your pin and provide a little extra space for messaging about your school. Another idea is to place them in small custom presentation boxes.

Reward Long-Serving Educators with Special Pin Badges

An award of service recognises a long-standing teacher or faculty member and presents an opportunity to thank someone for their dedication and service over time, whether it’s five, ten or even 50 years! Teachers and staff will wear these pin badges with pride knowing how hard they worked to earn them and how many students or colleagues they’ve helped along the way. We think that recipients will cherish these lifelong keepsakes; take the opportunity to design the perfect badge that is worth saving and displaying.


Rah, rah, rah! Promote School Pride

In a previous post, we called badges “little cheerleaders” because they can contribute to school spirit. To inspire the larger community, you could create and sell university lapel pins for people to display their allegiance or admiration of your institution. Or, you could create a welcome gift for all new and incoming students to make them feel connected and recognised. No matter your need, we can help you craft the perfect pin badge to inspire pride and spirit among your community, staff and students.

In short, pin badges are the perfect way to show off your school or university. The cost to create a customised pin is low compared to the visibility you’ll gain. Get in touch with us today to put your ideas into practice before summer holiday begins!