At Rocket Badge, one of the most exciting aspects of our business is getting to connect and work with some wonderful and creative makers. It is truly inspiring! We wanted to share with you some of the clever and artistic pins that we’ve grown to love, from five talented makers. Many of these can be found on Etsy. We hope you find some inspiration as well among these great designers and pin badges.

Fredrik Andersson

First up is Fredrik Andersson, an illustrator and ceramicist based in London. Fredrik’s Etsy shop, FreddeLanke, is a playful collection of zines, prints, ceramics and pin badges. According to Fredrik’s Etsy bio, he finds inspiration in bold shapes and colours and uses his objects as a way to open up discussion around subjects that can be seen as taboo.

We love his unique enamel and metal pin badges, like these “Bum Pins”, which he sells for £10.00. Even better, Fredrik gives some of the proceeds to an LGBTQ homeless shelter in London.



Fredrik is also inspired to follow humanitarian and sustainable production practices, such as ethical sourcing and working conditions.  If you’re also inspired to create ethical products from environmentally-friendly materials, be sure to seek a socially responsible manufacturer. Here’s a few more tips on how to select the right manufacturer for your products.

The Grey Earl

Next up is The Grey Earl, an “illustrator and tea drinker” based in Glasgow, Scotland. The Grey Earl creates lovely visual objects, from gifts to greeting cards to pin badges. We love these two Star Wars-inspired enamel pin badges. This “Hunk O’ Junk” and “Lads Lads Lads” pin badges are produced on a durable black dye metal base; they each sell for £7.50. It’s the perfect little accessory, especially for technology and Star Wars fans!



For more on badge finishes, please see this post to learn about a range of options, from a shiny finish to a misty finish to black dye.

Laura Crow

Another one of our favourite makers is Laura Crow. Her range of subject matter is quite inspiring. Laura got her start making jewellery and then in 2013 launched a “Great & Small” range of artwork that focuses on wildlife, farm animals and pets. She also creates literature-themed objects, like this enamel pin badge featuring the iconic bard William Shakespeare that she sells for It sells for £8.50. This pin badge features raised and recessed black metal with a butterfly grip fastening. We love the creative design of the backing card as much as the badge itself!



This brings up another recommendation for all the makers out there. When launching your shop, consider making an entire set of objects that your fans can collect over time. Laura Crow, for example, made an announcement on her Etsy store to look for her 2019 calendar which carries forth her book-themed art, including some brand-new wooden pins!

Sparrow + Wolf

Another fantastic maker is Sparrow + Wolf, a stationary and homewares studio based in Birmingham. It’s led by Cherie Gregory, an illustrator with a self-professed passion for detail and quality. It shows! As with Fredrik Andersson, Sparrow + Wolf proudly uses local, environmentally responsible suppliers and printers and utilises recycled FSC-certified paper where possible.

We love this cheeky “If You’re Looking For A Sign, This Is It” pin badge. It’s made out of a trendy rose gold material and comes mounted on a backing card with the Sparrow + Wolf logo.



On a related note, metallics are a hot finish right now for pin badges! Take a style note from Sparrow + Wolf and explore interesting and stunning metallic finishes for your next badge, like rose gold, gilt, or nickel.


Last but not least is Monorail, a printmaker with a diverse shop of objects. The maker features clean, modern styles including screen printing, hand-cut paper and original artwork on themes ranging from pop culture to the sea, where the artists spent their childhood. We love this southwest-inspired cactus enamel pin with a striking brass metal finish, rubber pin back and branded backing card. It retails for £8.11.



What other pin badge designs do you love? We’d love to see some of your favourites! Are you eager to set up your own Etsy shop to sell your pin badge designs? We can help with that, too. If your badges are ready to go, here’s a few tips on selling them online. Please get in touch with us today for what promises to be an inspired conversation.