3 #Pinspirational Beer Merchandise Ideas

Food & Beverage // By Rosemary McKee - 12th December 2018

Do you own or work for a brewery? If so, you’re in good company! The Guardian reports that the number of breweries last year exceeded 2,000 for the first time since the 1930s. These breweries are finding clever new ways to reach their customers,...

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The Ultimate Beer Festival Promotional Checklist

Food & Beverage // By Rosemary McKee - 25th October 2018

Beer festivals have become such a popular activity in the UK that they’re no longer limited to summer months. It’s a notable trend. A recent Telegraph article suggests that, “we have now adopted Oktoberfest with fervour.” In other words, the...

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The Ultimate Craft Beer Festival Marketing Guide

Food & Beverage // By Rosemary McKee - 5th September 2018

Whether you’re a new craft brewery on the scene or if you’ve been producing quality beverages for years, craft beer festivals are a proven way to get your brand into the market and promote your products. To help you make the most of festival...

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How to Pump Up your Brewery Marketing with Events

Food & Beverage // By Rosemary McKee - 19th July 2018

Summer is the unofficial season of the craft beer festival. (And certainly, one of our favourite seasons at Rocket Badge!) Every weekend, a number of beer festivals pop up across the UK, featuring products from top breweries, brand new craft brewers...

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