Here’s a riddle: What does a cute dog have to do with the artist Frida Kahlo? The answer: button badges! Both were the inspiration for winning designs in a recent button badge competition from art label Stereohype. Nearly 700 people submitted entries from all over the world. Button badges are popular, creative and, as evidenced by the design contest, they’re also endlessly unique! Further, button badges are affordable and speedy, making them the perfect pick for a range of promotions and giveaways. But have you ever wondered how they’re actually made? 

Here, we share a quick behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making these “cheap and cheerful” buttons.

How Button Badges are Made

Mini-Button or Mega-Badge? Select your Size

One aspect of designing the perfect button badge is to determine the right size. Are you creating giveaway badges for retail locations, or perhaps a set of collectable badges, like these great buttons from Brewdog? We can make detailed button badges as small as 25 mm. Or are you looking for a real attention-grabber? At the other end of the spectrum, we also make supersize button badges up to 150 mm. Big badges like these make a visible splash for any special promotion, such as a new product launch or an outdoor festival. 

Create your Design with Always-Free Expert Help

Ready to go with your design? Great! Once your design is approved, we can produce your badges in about 5 to 7 days, so you’re only about a week away from getting your new buttons. But, if you’re still unsure of what you want your badge to look like, we’re here to help. You’ll work with our in-house design team to transform your idea into a creative design that’s fit to print. When it comes to creative and experienced badge makers, we’re fortunate to have the best of the best at Rocket Badge. The best part? Our expert designers provide support and expertise every step of the way and it’s always free of charge

Once you’re happy with the final design, we can print it on sturdy card stock, in either CMYK or Pantone-matched colours for the perfect replica, and then laminate it for a lustrous, glossy shine. 

One common scenario is that you may fall in love with a few different designs along the way. No problem. We can create and send one order with multiple designs, perhaps a dozen different designs or colour schemes for your upcoming campaign. This is ideal for treasure chests or giveaways where you want people to be able to sort through the buttons, hold them in their hands and select their favorites! We can also ship your full order in specific size batches, like 20 to 50 per bag, if you intend to further distribute your badges in bulk. 

Add the Finishing Touches

While you may think of button badges as having a classic brooch backing, there are indeed other options. You can choose to add a butterfly clutch or a magnet back, which is perfect for kids or for people who don’t want to leave pin holes in their clothes, hats or bags. Once your badges are made, we can also add custom backing cards to make them retail-ready. These special little touches, as well as presentation boxes, counter-top displays and poly-bags, go a long way to tell a story, extend brand consistency and add value to your badges.

Be Delighted

The last step in the badge making process is the best. It’s time to receive and enjoy your button badges! Whether you intend to sell your badges for additional revenue or use them in an upcoming giveaway promotion, we hope they meet and exceed your expectations. In fact, please feel free to send us a picture of your badge in action! 

As I mentioned above, our badges can be made and shipped in as few as 5 days, making them a perfect choice for those last-minute or fast-approaching campaigns. They’re great for music festivals, new product launches, movie releases and sports events and more. 

For more on how we make our button badges, please check out this video of Diana and I.