At Rocket Badge, we’re fortunate enough to work with many artists and musicians to bring their ideas to life through creative, custom band merchandise. We recently reached out to London-based musician Tom Rosenthal to learn more about how he got into merchandise, why he loves and how it uses it. Based in London, Rosenthal has been releasing music on the internet since 2005. He’s released four albums, the latest one being Fenn, which is named for Rosenthal’s daughter. Aside from his main albums, he’s also released four EP’s and a Christmas single, which was released in March 2018.

Credit: Tom Rosenthal

Tell us a little about yourself…

I write songs and sing them. I also look after my kids half of the time.

Where do you get inspiration for your music?

It’s a bit like asking what the inspiration is for your breakfast. It comes from a million different places gathered over a million different moments.

What type of band merchandise do you have in your store?

We sell a wide range of merchandise, including vinyls, CD’s, t-shirts and enamel pins. For information, you can visit the shop itself.

Credit: Tom Rosenthal

Why did you decide to create your own band merchandise?

I think first and foremost, it’s nice to have a physical entity related to one’s work. Especially now, as so much music exists in the digital sphere. Merchandise has become more important I think, not just for the makers, but for the music fans, too.

How has merchandise helped you reach new audiences?

It’s difficult to know. I suppose if people wear an item of clothing or pin they are sort of showing the world your name and images. But, it’s hard to quantify.

What’s the best-selling item in your shop?

It’s probably my ‘Watermelon’ enamel pin. I think it’s because it’s cool, but also affordable.

Credit: Tom Rosenthal

Three great bits of advice for musicians looking to reach audiences online…

  • Talent is cheap. You need to find clever ways of working with what you’ve got.
  • Videos and visual elements that accompany your work are crucial in today’s world.
  • Work with as many musicians and creative people as you can.

Interested in checking out Tom Rosenthal’s music? You can find all of his music and videos over on his website. Be sure to also head over to his shop to browse the latest merchandise and get a Watermelon pin of your own.  

If you’re a musician and looking to promote yourself to a wider audience through creative band merchandise like pin badges you can sell to fans in the UK and around the world give us a call today. We can help you find the perfect promotional product that will inspire your fans and create an extra stream of revenue!