The day of love is just around the corner! This Valentine’s Day, why not choose a truly memorable and lasting gift, like a pin badge, that can be worn by the recipient day after day? It’s not too late to find the perfect pin for that certain someone special, be it a partner, friend or colleague. Pin badges can help you express a range of emotions and sentiments, from I love you to I appreciate you to thank you for your business. In this post, we share a few of our favourite pins to gift your special Valentine this year. We hope it inspires you to think beyond the sweets and flowers for a unique, long-lasting gift.

Say I Love You.

We love this striking pin badge that focuses on one powerful little word: L-O-V-E!  This enamel Love Heart Pin Badge from U Studio Design is 2.5 cm and is secured with a metal butterfly back. It’s your lucky day, too – it’s currently on sale for £4.20 on the Curious Pancake, a curated online marketplace of products from illustrators, artists and designers in the UK, U.S. and elsewhere.

(Are you a designer? Claire Senior, the founder of the company, welcomes enquiries to learn more about your own products and whether they might be a good addition to the Curious Pancake shelves.)


You Rock!

Are you seeking a more platonic gift for a friend or colleague? A pin badge on a greeting card is a great choice, and recalls youthful days of sending paper Valentine’s cards to other friends and students. This enamel You Rock Pin Badge Greeting Card from Redback Cards includes a keepsake enamel pin with rubber pin on a matching card that is printed in the UK. It sells for £3.99 and is available on the same Curious Pancake marketplace.


Greeting cards and backing cards, in general, are a great way to package small gifts like pin badges. The cards provide additional space for you to add your special message, and they also make sending these items in the mail (perhaps from a secret admirer) safer and easier. At Rocket Badge, we’ve helped people design a range of special packaging pieces, including backing cards, swing tags, presentation boxes and clear polybags.

My Puggy Valentine: Because Animals are Always a Good Choice!

Animals are a surefire choice for a cute gift this Valentine’s Day. You can search for a favourite breed of animal, like a pug, for the perfect gift for that special animal-lover in your life. For example, who wouldn’t adore this My Puggy Valentine enamel pin from designer Gemma Correll? It sells for £5.95 on Ohh Deer, a site for high quality, quirky and contemporary products, including pins, stationary and paper goods. The company works with over 100 creatives folks with an emphasis on products that are locally produced in the UK.

Which brings up another point. If you or your Valentine are passionate about ethical products or environmentally-friendly materials, be sure to inquire about how your gift was manufactured. Here’s a few more tips on selecting the right manufacturer, whether you’re a maker or a buyer.


Anatomical Love.

Etsy is a great destination for inspiration and creative gifts. Check out this Anatomical Heart Pin badge that sells for £6.40 from jewelry maker RockCakes. We love the neon pink color and fashion-forward design. It measures 28 mm and is made with gold coloured plating and pink hard enamel. The brooch comes with a black rubber back stopper and backing card.

Thinking about your Valentine’s fashion sense is a great way to hone in on a perfect gift. Do they collect certain kinds of badges, like music-themed pins? Or perhaps they like wearing pin badges and other accessories in a unique way, such as on their hat or collar. Search for something that complements their unique style for a sure-fire win. (If hot pink isn’t their colour, RockCakes also offers the heart pin in red as well as a brain shape.)

Brie Mine: Focus on the Funny

Also on Etsy is this Brie Mine enamel pin badge. Talk about cheesy! Food-themed gifts are another great choice, especially ones that get humor just right, like this cheese-themed take on a popular Valentine’s Day slogan. This unique pin measures 25 mm x 20 mm and sells for £6.30 from designer Punkypins.



With these or other pin badges, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, too? Reward yourself every now and then – perhaps you’ve successfully followed through on your New Years’ resolutions – and purchase a perfect little pin to lift your spirits and showcase your creativity and humour.  

This Valentine’s Day, what other pins or gifts are catching your eye? We’d love to hear about them. Does this post inspire you to create your own line of love-themed pins? Read more about our personalised enamel pin badges and other products and get in touch with us today to talk about your vision. We can help you find or create something entirely unique, for your Valentine and your new creative business!