Are you launching a new brew? We’ll take a pint, please! Whether you’re starting a brand-new brewery or releasing your latest and greatest beer, the right merchandise can help you find and engage more customers. Patrons already love typical beer-related merchandise like caps and t-shirts – you’ve probably seen people wearing these out and about. This year, try adding bespoke “beer pin badges” to build awareness of your brewery and help your beer stand apart from the rest. After all, the number of breweries in the UK in 2017 topped 2,000 and the number is expected to continue to grow in 2018. This post shares a few ideas to create and package clever sets of beer pin badges to promote your brewery. Cheers!

Classic Beer Pin Badges

Beer pin badges are a proven way for beer drinkers to show their love for their favourite brew. Your fans can sport this item on a suit lapel, jacket, backpack, hat or really, anywhere they see fit. We suggest designing a hard or soft enamel pin badge that you can sell online or in person at your brewery shop or other retail locations. Add a custom backing card to provide more information about your brewery and really complete the look. The card will give you and your team a little more room to get creative with your design and messaging. Here’s a great example of a clever pin and perfect packaging from BrewDog.

Headliner Button Pack

If one beer pin badge is great, then more is even better, right? A headliner button pack makes it easy for your patrons to represent an entire line of beers – this could be done seasonally or whenever you have a new launch. Your happy customers might collect and trade these with friends – when they do, they become walking, talking ambassadors for your brewery. Here’s another example from BrewDog USA that features four of their beers as well as a brewery badge. Note the nice backing card for a polished and consistent look.

Collectable or Commemorative Brewery Badges

Let your beer drinkers celebrate your brewery with a special limited-edition collectable or commemorative beer badge. Beer festivals and events like Octoberfest are a great opportunity to do this. Remember that your merchandise is a reflection of your brewery, so make sure that everything you create is not only consistently branded, but also very high-quality. With special edition, commemorative beer badges, consider using top-line materials, like our precious metal badges or premium quality hard enamel badges. With our always-free design service, we’ll make sure that your special brewery branding – from your colours to your font – come through clearly in your bespoke merchandise.

Beer Pin Badge Box Set

Give your fans the gift of artistic beer! Another idea is to package your brewery merchandise in a well-designed presentation box that your patrons can purchase for themselves or as a gift for others. This could be a set of little beer can badges, like the example below from BrewDog, which look great worn individually, or can be kept in their decorative presentation box to one day become a collectors item!

People love beer! That’s a great thing for your growing brewery business. Tap into this trend with bespoke beer pin badge sets to fully engage your customers and turn your patrons into brand ambassadors. Just imagine how much your brand awareness would grow if every one of your customers was wearing a pin badge that promoted your brewery on their clothes or bags. Get in touch with us today to talk beer pin badges and other clever merchandise. We’re here to help you create the perfect products to promote your tasty beverages. Here’s to the consistent growth of your brewery and the ever-widening recognition of your brand. Cheers!