Many hospitals and healthcare centres already require their staff to wear name badges, and for good reason. A wide range of people work in these settings at various shifts of each day. Personalised name tags can be an affordable, effective tool to help patients and customers form a connection with healthcare workers, and name badges can also provide a critical security measure. If your facility is considering adding name badges, or even if you’re looking for creative ideas for how to get the most of these badges, this post is for you. In it, we identify three reasons that every hospital or healthcare centre should consider customised name badges.

Name Badges Help Form an Instant Connection

By their nature, hospitals, healthcare centres and pharmacies are bustling places. Many of these facilities operate all hours of the day, with a wide range of professionals – like receptionists, technicians, specialists, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists – all working various shifts, every day of the week. For a patient, it can be hard to keep track of these various caregivers during a visit or a stay. The simple act of knowing the name of these providers can help a patient form a better bond, create a personal connection, and reduce stress. Your facility is likely a very busy place; name badges help people form these connections at a glance.

Name badges can also help a patient better understand someone’s area of specialty. For example, if a patient recovering from knee surgery can more clearly recognise a visitor as an occupational therapist, this might help the patient know what questions to ask of that particular specialist.

This pleasantness goes beyond an established patient-doctor relationship. Name badges are the equivalent of extending a pleasant “hello” to everyone that encounters the wearer, whether that is in a hallway, waiting room, hospital cafeteria, gift shop and even with transporters in the parking area!

Create a Positive, Professional and Cohesive Patient Experience

To some extent, hospitals and healthcare centres are like any other business: the customer should always come first. Clean, branded name tags can create a more seamless experience for visitors and patients at your facility. The name and logo of the hospital or healthcare centre can be prominently featured on all name badges for a cohesive look and feel.

Pleasant, eye-catching name badges can help patients quickly establish trust with providers. Name badges exude professionalism and are a perfect complement to required uniforms. We know from experience that patients and customers will appreciate and feel assured by this level of detail and professionalism.

It’s a positive experience for your staff, too! If you work at a particularly large hospital or healthcare centre, name badges can help staff get to know and connect with people from other areas, departments or levels. No matter the size or focus of your facility, consider name badges as a simple, effective way to make communication easier for everyone.

Names Badges are a Critical Security Tool

Beyond connection and patient experience, name badges are also a critical security tool. Name badges quickly and clearly differentiate healthcare workers from the public, and can help security personnel restrict access to secure areas. At Rocket Badge, for example, we can print barcodes onto name or ID badges for improved security through scanning functionality. Name badges might also help increase accountability among staff or support time-tracking and access needs.

If your hospital or healthcare business does not currently use name badges, consider adding these affordable, beneficial items to your operations. Look for name badges that are durable, and that can stand up to the long days that many healthcare workers face. Today, name badges can be made in a range of high-quality materials and finishes, including interchangeable badges that are framed within plastic windows; or, look for badges that feature engraving or screen-printing for a special touch.

If your office has high turnover or large growth, another helpful idea is to create a template now that can be held in stock by your badge supplier and shipped when new staff come onboard. Get in touch with us today to talk about why name badges might make sense for your facility and how we can help you get started.